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iPhone Screen Replacement Bournemouth

Mobile phone screen replacements are the most common repair at Andre’s Apple Repairs. According to 1 in 4 people in the UK are walking around with a smashed phone screen.

In 2015, an iPhone 6 screen replacement was the most common repair. Cracked iPhone screens are commonly the result of dropping the phone on a hard floor, sitting down with the device in a rear pocket or leaving the phone without a case in a ladies handbag. At Andre’s Apple Repairs we have heard it all from your children dropping the phone down the stairs to the device being trapped in a car door, leading to the inevitable smash. To learn about the immediate action that we would recommend when smashing your iPhone screen, contact us today.

Doing an iPhone Screen Repair yourself is a risky option!

A number of people will opt to purchase a “Do It Yourself” kit for their first iPhone screen replacement.  We strictly advise against attempting to repair your own cracked iPhone screen. This year alone we have seen a lot of botched iPhone repairs that are a result of a DIY iPhone screen replacement; often leading to greater repair costs later down the line and in many cases a phone that is beyond economical repair.  Let’s face it there are a lot of very small screws involved in every single iPhone screen repair and each of these screws have to be carefully taken out, kept in order and then put back in the phone in the same order they were taken out, no mean feat. Putting the wrong screw in your iPhone can actually result in a punctured motherboard and a device beyond repair. Imagine saying goodbye to a £500 phone for the sake of saving a small amount of money.

An iPhone screen replacement should only be attempted by an expert technician, who has the correct equipment and knows their way around the inside of the phone like the back of their hand.

Now with a one year warranty and repairs carried out at a time and place that suits you, it’s a no brainer to contact Andre’s Apple Repairs to have your iPhone repaired.

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