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Having battery problems with your iPhone?

Until recently its been hard to find meaningful statistics for your iPhones internal battery. An App called ‘Battery life’ now allows users to see the wear condition of their battery allowing them to make the decision to get it replaced or not.

Battery Life: Your Battery Doctor by Battery Life…

As a rule of thumb if the design capacity of the battery falls to less than 80%, you may start to feel the strain at the end of the day. A lithium-ion battery should be good for up to 750 charge ‘cycles’ before the design capacity start to drop. However if your unkind to your battery, giving it incremental top ups, leaving it in the sun to overheat or not preforming the sacred ‘calibration charge’ once a month, then it will start to drop off around 150-250 cycles.
Nearly all lithium-ion battery packs contain a smart-fuel gauge and its job is to manage charging, discharging and reporting back to the hosts system, being iOS.

A classic sign of poor charging habits is your iPhone turning off before it hits 1%. In this situation your iPhone is crying out for a calibration charge, to help reset its smart-fuel gauge. Generally this starts to occur at 20% when you plug the iPhone into charge it turns back on at 20% the worse the battery gets, the higher the percentage gets.

During a calibration charge you need to discharge your iPhone to 0%. This is harder than it sounds, as the current draw of the back light may mean that your iPhone turns off prematurely. The best way to achieve this is to listen to music with the screen off and the iPhone in airplane mode. The next step is to charge the battery to 100% using a standard Apple charger and lightening USB cable if you can. iOS will automatically calculate the charge required to raise the cell voltage to 4.2V, this being the nominal float voltage for a lithium ion battery.

Why not download the ‘battery life’ app and see if your battery is classed as weak or poor.

If you live in Poole, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas and want to get your battery replaced contact us straight away.

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