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How to Differentiate Original iPhone Screen VS Copy iPhone Screens?


At present, we will find no person without a mobile phone, be it anything, Android, iPhone, or Windows, everybody has one. Talking about the Smartphone craze, people are getting very fond of iPhone. When it comes to the iPhone’s price or its repairing, it costs them too much. However, there are several service providers nowadays who are reliable enough to provide you service with original replacement of iPhone’s parts. 

 Are you also wondering how can you find out if you are getting an original Apple screen replacement in the UK? Here we have brought a complete guide that will help you out with the ways that are advantageous to figure out whether the iPhone screen you replaced is original or not or if you are going for replacement then what things you should consider:


What is the Key Difference b/w the iPhone original and copy screen?

There are two choices for iPhone screen repairing offered to customers including an original or a copy screen. After that, the most common question asked by customers to the service provider is ‘is there any difference between these both or which one do they recommend? 

Here we would like to tell you that “the original screen involves LCD manufactured for Apple” and “copy screens are just replacements that are compatible” but these are designed and created independently wholly by any third-party firms.  

Hence, when it is about iPhone screen repair in Bournemouth, customers prefer the original screens. Sometimes people might find the original screen pricy when compared to the copied one but we recommend people to choose the original iPhone screen with higher quality besides the cost factor.


How Customers Can Differentiate by Themselves?

According to the Bournemouth apple repair stores, customers who tend to prefer copy screens don’t always get satisfied with the low quality. And, therefore, they ended up paying the double price. Here are the differences customers can see by themselves-

  • Copy screens have much lower brightness, vibrancy, and contrast than the original ones and they fade away soon as well.
  • Copy screens are far rougher to use in general and it has a very lower resolution as well. 

The difference between the prices of the copy screen and an original screen can vary based on the different devices but we would not suggest you go for copy screens in any case as these are not considered reliable and worthy. Service providers always suggest customers that they have to pay in either case directly or indirectly, that’s why they should go for the original screen.

 In the end, while looking for iPhone cracked screen repair in Bournemouth, the most considerable point is customers should go to a service provider that has been in this job for years and has much working experience & training to get this job done.


Some of the Factors to Differentiate Between Copy & Original Screen 

Customers must be clear about getting an iPhone screen repair specialist and it will be easier if they have an understanding of the differentiation between iPhone copy and original screen. Copy screens are well-matched alternates designed from scrape and conclusively, they vary in some aspects such as quality, usability, and others.


Low-Quality LCD Panels

 When a copy screen is applied to the iPhone, there occurs the major issue of LCD panel’s image quality along with some other issues such as-

  • Less intensity, vitality & contrast.
  • Poor Image quality because of lower refresh rate
  • Reduced screen resolution and resulting rough appearance 

Touch Screen Digitizer Issues

 While talking about iPhone repair in Bournemouth, the most significant difference between copy and the original screen is how their touch sensor or digitizer works? Apple manufactures it as a part of LCD, but the copy screens are designed this on the glass. However, there are very few bare LCD manufacturers that are purchased by several firms that further include the required parts to make it the working one.

It leads the customers to end up with an LCD from the best copy creator, but the touch/digitizer from the worst. You will find a lot of digitizers in the market but you can choose them on the behalf of the supplier’s words about quality. At starting, they ship good ones, but with time, they decrease the quality. 

Incompatible Parts

Copied screens have performance issues from the original screens such as power drain & others which in result drain iPhone’s battery fast and also, misleads the operating system that was optimized according to the design of the original screen. This issue can reach the damage of the backlight as well. When customers look for Apple screen replacement in the UK, they should always choose the best service providers that can provide them best services in cost-effective manner with best quality.

Incompatibility with the System 

Screens are not always about the display quality but these are more than that. The functionality of the whole mobile system depends upon its screen. When it comes to the copy and original iPhone screens, we can see a huge difference between both of them that is the copy one is not able to cope up with the phone system sometimes as it can affect the other functions such as keypad, camera, backlight, etc.


Have a quick glance:

The below points will accompany you while finding the difference between copy & original one:

  • The brightness of the copy screen will be lower in comparison to the original one even if you keep the brightness on full. To check properly, you can compare the brightness of your replaced screen with another iPhone screen.
  • In the original screen, if you hold any app icon and move it slightly, it will move as per the normal speed but in the copy one, it will move faster, touch will be slow, and it will not perform appropriately.
  • An original iPhone screen is not easily breakable due to its hard strip and good quality that can be understood by seeing at it. There are attached two strips- the broad one and the other is slim.
  • Every part of the iPhone has an Apple logo on it; hence there must be an Apple logo & a code number on both the strips.
  • Original iPhone screens have a barcode on the LCD’s back along with the serial number. On the other hand, even several copy screens also provide serial no. and barcode but the original ones have a bright and clearly seen barcode.
  • The corner of the strip will have a sponge that is black grey in color and smooth. The copy one also has a sponge but it is hard and pure black in color.

Final Note 

To conclude, we can say that it is not recommended to iPhone users choose the copy screen over the original for iPhone screen repair in Bournemouth. It will lead to various bad consequences eventually that will cost them the increased price. All they can do is to get proper knowledge from the above guide about the related services and go to a rich experienced and expert iPhone service provider.


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